An office team without the cost.

At The Floating Office, we believe that the sky is the limit for any business, on two conditions. Firstly, you have the passion and drive it takes, you personally want to see your business succeed... and secondly, that you have the right processes in place for everything to run smoothly.

It is likely that you do not lack the first if you have decided to set up on your own, however we have seen the latter cause delays and fundamental cracks in the running of small businesses.

The Floating Office has one goal: help businesses to reach their full potential. 



We strive to make life easier for Sole Traders and Small Businesses, and nothing makes us happier than our client's positive feedback!


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Jeremy J.
Director of Garden Perfection Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Have a question about us or our services? Feel free to check out our FAQ page, but if you can find find what you need there, then get in touch and we can happily assist you.



Doing our bit to protect our future as an entirely remote, digital business.

At The Floating Office, we are all about admin, but in the modern world we can manage just about anything online! So, as much as we appreciate that you want to send us fan mail ... please don't post anything to us unless absolutely necessary. Our email accounts are two-factor authenticated and fully secure, so you can rest assured when sending private information.